Creativecomputing (cc) is an open source framework to create interactive multimedia applications. It contains classes for simple graphic output, loading and saving content.

cc is inspired by the processing environment a programming language and ide for designers and artists, which is developed by ben fry and casey reas. It started as an opengl renderer for processing but has developed to an independent framework. A lot of inspiration, code fragments and implementations have been taken from processing, processing libraries and the processing forum. Have a look at credits for more information.

Flickr group online

I have created a flickr group to post images generated with creative computing on flickr. So far you can find some images generated with the gpu extension.

· 2013/05/23 09:44

creative computing online

Finally I managed it to put the creative computing

· 2013/05/23 09:44

changes to creative computing

In the moment I am working on changes to the texthandling of cc. Text will now be handled using text objects instead of using the text methods in the CCGraphics Object. Every text Object will store its position, text and font settings. There will be dynamic text objects for text that changes and static text objects for better performance. Once I am finished I will also include a tutorial on working with text.


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