Creative computing itself is a java based framework for creative coding. To actually write, compile and run the code you need an editor. We suggest you use eclipse, a great ide with a lot of features that make writing your code much easier.

To get eclipse go the eclipse website and download the Eclipse IDE for Java Developers. Once downloaded unpack eclipse in a folder of your choice. Inside the created folder you find the eclipse application to start.

get the source

The source code of creative computing is shared using a tool called subversion or short svn. Subversion is a so called revision control system and allows multiple developers to work on one code base. The source code of cc is hosted on google code, there you can download cc, related libraries and grab the sourcecode.

To get the source of creative computing you need to get a subversion client. We suggest you use the eclipse ide for development in combination with subclipse an additional eclipse plugin for svn control.

install subclipse

Here we describe the processes to check out the creative computing source code using eclipse.

First you need to install subclipse. To do that you need the following update site url:

Copy the link go into eclipse and call help → install new software the following dialog opens:

Click on add… and enter subclipse as name and enter the update url:

After pressing the following dialog opens:

Here you can decide which features of subclipse you want to install, we suggest the following setup:

Click on next in following dialog you can check the features that will be installed:

Again click next. In the following dialog you have to accept the license agreement and click on finish.

Eclipse is now downloading and installing the plugin which ight take a while. If there comes a warning that you are installing unsigned content just click okay. After the installation eclipse suggests you to restart eclipse just follow by clicking on okay.

If you are on mac osx you need to update the svn on your system, because subclipse expects a higher version. You get the current version together with binding for java on To download you need to register. Use malinator if you want to avoid giving your email address.

check out the code

Once you have installed sublipse properly. You can check out the source of the creative computing project. To do that go on window → open perspective → other… and choose svn repository exploring.

Right click in the svn repositories tab and choose new → Repository Location… Paste the following url

If you open the repository you see the available creative computing projects.

Right click on cc.creativecomputing and choose check out… In the following dialog leave everything as it is and click finish. Subclipse will download the source into a new eclipse project.


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