The midi library allows Processing and every other Java Application to send and receive Midiinformation. Mididata can be received and send by installed Midi-Ports.

To install unzip the file into your processing libraries folder.

The intention of that library was to synchronize Processing via Midi to music and use it for live visuals. Another possibility is the generation of Midi Data to make sound for your visuals

There are a lot of changes in the new proMIDI version so you have a new plug method, where you can directly plug method that handle the incoming midi data. You no longer need to take care for sending note offs, instead you create notes with a length, the notes are buffered and proMIDI automatically send the note off. Also the opening of in and outputs has changed. You can now open only a certain channel of a midiport.

The biggest change however is that proMIDI does now include a sequencer and tracks and patterns to create musical structures. There will follow methods for recording events and playback midifiles soon.

Download: promidi 2.0

This are older versions of proMIDI:

promidi 1.0
promidi 0.0